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Right in Front of Me- Chapter 11 :iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 1
Right in Front of Me- Chapter 10
Wesker sat in his office staring at the papers in front of him. He was having a hard time focussing today, and it bothered him to no end. Ada’s comment from a few weeks ago unsettled him in the oddest way. He considered their night in France a special one. Having dealt with several obstacles which had put them behind during their mission and still making it out alive was a feat in itself. If it wasn’t for Ada’s quick thinking and his powers, he was sure that she would be dead. That’s the thing about her though… he thought to himself, Always ready to come out on top regardless of circumstance. While her abilities were of no threat to his own, Ada was not a force to be reckoned with. He briefly remembered the state of his home and how she had the gall to destroy such a place.
How often had he brought her there to get away for a weekend? Granted, even when he tried to get away he couldn’t stop working. The next step in his plans were alway
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Right in Front of Me- Chapter 9
Ada blew a large bubble and watched it pop onto her face. Mouth covered in sticky pink candy, she glanced up at Wesker. He was pissed. He never wanted to bring her to his board meeting in the first place, but she insisted. He wasn’t exactly sure why he had given in, but he had hoped that she would have been on her best behavior. “Anyway…” he huffed, returning to the members, “As I was saying, I think it important that we start looking at Africa as our next step. Lord Spencer had labs and other research there which is no longer in our control. If we can make contact with the right people, and make the right deals, not only will we come out on top but we will also be one step closer to bringing the others to their knees.”
Ada rolled her eyes. Surely Wesker knew how delusional he sounded when he brought up his pseudo-world domination ideas. How could anyone possibly back him on such a thing? She didn’t really get it. It had been five months since
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 1
Right In Front of Me - 8
When she opened her eyes, she had almost forgotten where she was. The heavy curtains in the room were pulled shut and blocked out any sunlight. She hoped it was morning. A fresh, new day was exactly what she needed to get her head in order. If Leon couldn’t find her, she could only help herself. She carefully slid out of bed and walked out towards the kitchen area. Albert was sitting at the table scrolling on a tablet, a cup of coffee beside him. She was surprised to see him in such a normal position. Ada wished she could take a photo of it to remind herself that it actually happened.
He paused and glanced up at her. He didn’t want a repeat of the night before. Choosing his words somewhat carefully he stated, “I thought it was best to let you sleep, if you’re wondering. Your wound did more trauma to your brain than your body. But what can we expect when you believe you’re a civilian?”
It didn’t sound as harsh as she thought it would. She didn
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Right In Front of Me - 7
Leon wouldn’t stop pacing the floor for hours. He had become severely fixated on finding Ada and bringing her back home. He along with the others had been making calls all night ever since the attack. Thankfully no one was hurt, but he should have known that something like this would happen.
“You can’t beat yourself up Leon,” Claire sighed, resting her hand on his shoulder. “She’ll be okay. I mean, deep down, she’s a fighter just like us.”
Leon shrugged off her touch. “Yeah, deep down, maybe. How did she get out of our sights though? I shouldn’t have left her alone. She could have been taken by anyone, and we have no clue where to start!”
“Actually…” Claire began to smile as she held up a photo for Leon to view. “See this? Right… there… That’s the license plate of the car she got into. Got it off of one of the video feeds. I couldn’t see who was in the car, but I’m su
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 4
Right In Front of Me - 6
Her face was warm, just like the rest of her. Ada laid there numb to the world around her. Her mind refused to work as she stared around the room. It was exceptionally homey. She blinked a few times, finally recalling what had happened to her. Instinctively, she reached down and surprisingly felt gauze wrapped around her abdomen. Had the man done that? The man who kidnapped her and then saved her life? How complicated things were! She slowly sat up, wondering how long she had been out. The pillows she leaned against were the comfiest she had ever known, and was grateful to not be out in the freezing cold.
Her eyes roamed with room once more now that she was fully awake. She was in a bedroom, and judging by the size of the bed, it had to be a master room. Ada carefully got out of bed and grabbed a nearby throw blanket to wrap around her. It was soft and warm and reminded her of everything good. As she left the bedroom, she was greeted to a spacious living room. It had a sunk-in style in
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 0
Right In Front of Me - 5
Ada was leaning her hands against the sink and staring at herself in the mirror. She looked very pale. The gang would know that something was up. Should she tell them? What if they turn against her? What did that memory mean? She had already given up racking her brain for some sort of help. She couldn’t put the name to any sort of voice, image, or smell. Why would she remember a name, but nothing else to go with it? There was no use in trying to play doctor. If it came back to her, then great. If not…
What if she ran into this Albert guy? For some reason, she felt that he wouldn’t be the best person to hang around. She couldn’t bare to put her friends’ safety at risk. “Well if he comes for me, then he comes for me,” she said aloud in the mirror. “I won’t know until it happens, though.” Ada took a moment to turn some warm water on and rub her face with it. She didn’t want to ruin her makeup. After refreshing herself, she
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Right In Front of Me - 4
Wesker stared at the photo of Ada Wong. He had sensed a betrayal coming, but he had not expected one of this magnitude. He paid her well, never gave her more than she could handle, and made her comfortable. She was his best damn agent, and now he would have to start searching for a new one. That wouldn’t be easy. He glanced outside of the window. Snow was falling again. It was heavy and made everything a bright white. Ada used to talk about how she liked snow…
Doctor Mikhailov knocked on the door twice before entering. “I didn’t think I’d find you in here. I’m surprised. It’s New Year’s Eve, and you wish to be alone?”
Wesker rolled his eyes. He knew Arseny would not have been able to see it due to his shades, but the doctor was starting to get on his nerves. When Albert was well enough to leave the facility which was keeping him, he took Arseny with him. He acted as a go between of sorts for Wesker and the mysterious employer. Weske
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 3 3
Right In Front of Me - 3
Per Wesker’s request, there was a small team sent out to find and keep track of Ada. It had been almost a month before Albert was well enough to get out of bed and take care of himself. His body reacted well to the treatment that Dr. Mikhailov had recommended, and Wesker actually thanked him for it. “I give credit where credit is due, Mikhailov. Now that I’m back on my own two feet, it’s time that I finish what I started. Do you have the necessary information on Miss Wong?”
The doctor did not look up from where he sat at his desk. He continued to write down things in a file, most likely Wesker’s. “I do, in a way. The men believe they have found Miss Wong, however, they aren’t sure it’s her. I know I had mentioned that she was with the Redfield party, and I firmly believed the reports.”
Wesker glared at Arseny, his hands tightening into fists. “So you’re telling me that there is a chance that Ada is not with them
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 2 3
Right In Front of Me - 2
She had bandages around the cuts and burns on her arms and legs. What they had thought were broken bones were really just fractures. Leon and the rest of them were amazed at how unscathed she truly was. After a few days in the hospital, and a few weeks in the safe house, Ada seemed to perk right up. She didn’t know that they were enemies, or that she was possibly being hunted. All she knew was that she was safe, and that everyone treated her well. Ada helped out with chores and cooking, she watched movies with the gang and was relatively carefree. She had decided that trusting Leon, Chris, and the rest of them wasn’t a bad idea after all, and she should be grateful that they offered to take care of her. How long would it last though? She wasn’t sure.
Her favorite thing to do to pass the time was to read. There were many fun and interesting novels in the small bookshelf in the living room. Things like The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice  lined t
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Right In Front of Me - 1
Ada didn’t realize it, but the room wasn’t as busy as it was when she woke up. In fact, it was just her, Leon, and the man she had quickly learned was Chris. It felt awkward to not know exactly what was going on. The two men had excused themselves momentarily to talk. In private, they agreed that telling Ada everything would be a bad idea. Keeping her in the dark as long as possible was the only way they could keep her safe. The last thing they wanted was her running off, getting in touch with someone from the enemy, or something worse. Furthermore, it was imperative that they find out if Wesker was really dead. God forbid he was alive and out looking for his secret agent.
After their brief discussion, they returned to Ada’s hospital room. She was staring at her hands with a blank expression on her face. Leon almost thought that she was sad, but he quickly realized it was due to frustration. She could only think about and process what she had been told. She didn
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 2 0
Right In Front of Me - Prologue
She didn’t understand why there were so many people around her. Why was she in a bed? Why were there machines beeping, people scrambling, and so many words being said? Words. These people were talking to her. She suddenly realized the loud ringing in her ears was disappearing, and she could hear what the people were saying.
“Ada! I can’t believe you survived that! I couldn’t find a beat…” one man said.
Another man, with darker, shorter hair, and a bigger build, then spoke, “And we have her in our care, nonetheless. The chances of this happening are one in a million, for sure.”
The smaller man was speaking, “Something isn’t right with her though. Look at her! She seems… disoriented? Lost? Ada, do you know what’s going on?”
Ada? Was she Ada? Yes, that sounded right. Ada Wong.
“Um, not exactly. My back really hurts… and my head. I don’t… why am I here?”
The man frowned and shook his
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 3
Simply Business Ch. 7
She tried her best to keep her mouth shut during the carriage ride. Thankfully Albert stayed on his side of the carriage and kept himself occupied for the majority of their trip. Every now and then he attempted to “redeem” himself by asking if she needed anything or trying to make small talk. After checking his pocket watch for what felt like the hundredth time that day, Albert was at the end of his patience. He sharply shut the case and looked up at his wife. Wife...
“Ada, I've had enough of this. Were it anyone else, I would not have put up with these shenanigans for so long. You cannot sit there and ignore me forever. I forbid it!” Wesker informed her.
“I can ignore you if I want to!” she replied testily, now crossing her arms in defiance. “You were very rude to me this morning during breakfast, and I won't stand to be treated in such a way. I never see William talk to Anne that way.”
“William is a soft hearted man who has a hard
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 2 2
Simply Business Ch. 6
Ada sat outside with her sister-in-law.  Thanks to Albert's undivided attention to illness, she quickly got back to her old self.  She rocked slowly, back and forth, a blanket in her lap and a cup of tea in her hand.
“I feel as if I owe him so much,” Ada said softly to Daphne.
“Really?  Well, he hardly left your side these few days.  All any of heard was: “When do you think Ada will get better?” “How is Ada today?” “Do you think she is getting worse?”  I think it was starting to drive Mihkail crazy!”
Ada giggled softly until she heard someone clear their throat.  Startled, she quickly stood up and turned around.  How had she not heard the back door open?  She supposed it didn't matter, since it was only Albert.  The lady set down her cup of tea before hugging the handsome gentleman.
“Well, I hardly expected you to be up and about today,” Wesker chuckled.  “Nevertheless, I am glad.”
“I, for one, am
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 4 2
Simply Business Ch. 5
He  fiddled with his fingers for a few minutes as he sat in quiet thought.  So many questions ran through his mind.  How much time did he have?  Did Ada know about this?  Could he find a cure before anything serious happened to her?  It started to make his head hurt.  His mouth suddenly felt dry.  He needed space, or maybe he just needed to be near her.
“You'll have to excuse me Kimmi... I...”
“Mr. Wesker, I understand that you are in a bit of... shock,” she began slowly, “But I hope this won't change anything.  My daughter loves you, something I've never heard her say about a man other than her brother.”
“No, nothing changes.  I couldn't call this off even if I wanted to,” he sighed, clearly agitated as he rubbed his face.  “No.  I love Ada, and I'll be strong for both of us.”
Wesker stood and quietly excused himself.  Walking back inside, he was greeted
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 3 7
Lost in Nightmares Ch. 8
“Albert I'm so happy for you!” Ada beamed as she attempted to cook them breakfast. “I can't believe you got that teaching position at the university.  Are we starting to feel like a family again?”
Albert smiled at her innocence, hugging her from behind.  “Yes.  Your mother and Adeline will be arriving some time next week, so you can renew the bond with our little girl.”
“I miss her Albert, I really do.  I can't believe how cold I was to her before she left. I feel terrible!”
“Ada don't be so harsh on yourself. You forgot everyone who loved you and felt out of place. She'll probably never remember it.” he comforted. “And maybe... maybe we can try for another.”
“Have another child?” she said surprised, finishing the scrambled eggs. “What do we need another one for?”
“We don't need a baby Ada,” he chuckled, letting her go so she could eat. “But it never hur
:iconumbrellaxstaff:UmbrellaXstaff 1 3


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Albert had helped her back up to her quarters. Ada was able to walk most of the way, and she didn’t appear injured. Wesker had questioned her a few times about her scratches, and was firm in his decision to give her an antivirus just in case. Albert locked the door behind them and told Ada to go sit on the bed. She did as she was told and waited patiently. He went to her bathroom and rummaged around until he returned with a small first aid kit. He pulled a few herbs from it and crushed them together. He then mixed some sort of ointment with it before spreading it on her cuts and bruises. “It’ll help with any pain, soreness, or open wounds,” he assured her.

Albert became so fixated on making sure that she was okay, that he hadn’t seen her frown. Ada reached out and grabbed his chin. She was forcing him to look at her, and his confusion was evident. “You should have said something sooner,” she admonished, “You should have done something sooner.”

Albert clenched his jaw. Was she looking for an apology? How was he to know someone had broken in and tried to have her killed? “Ada I moved as quickly as I could. Of all the times to be obtuse, you choose now? Surely you know I never ordered such a thing. That wouldn’t make any sense.” He shook his head as he wrapped bandages around the medicine so it wouldn’t rub off on the blankets.

Ada gave an annoyed sigh before pulling him into a kiss. Wesker certainly wasn’t going to fight any sort of affection from her at the moment, however, something seemed different about her. He pulled away long enough to stare into her eyes. She gave him a coy smile and tried to pull him closer. “What’s wrong?” she asked, “Don’t you want this too?”

Albert took his shades off and tossed them aside. “You weren’t talking about being thrown in the training facility,” he remarked, ignoring her question. “What were you referring to?”

Ada couldn’t stand the distance between them. She scooted closer to the tyrant, and leaned towards his ear. “I remember us, Albert. Those long nights, the getaways, the missions… I know those meant something, and all this time you’ve been giving me the cold shoulder. Well… you don’t have to anymore.”

“You think because you suddenly remember those things, that we’re going to sleep together? You aren’t the same woman, and you aren’t in the same position. Regardless of how I feel, you can’t be trusted.” He hated himself for wanting her. He had given in earlier, and here he was doing it again. Wesker knew he was going to get caught up in something that neither would be able to get out of. He needed to fight it as much as he could.

Ada let go of him and crawled back onto the bed. She could see right through him now. It felt like a superpower. “So you’re not going to sleep with me then? We have all of this energy coursing through us, and you want to take the high road? Fine. I’ll do this by myself then.”

Wesker watched as she began to take her shirt off. It was as if she was teasing him. Taunting him about his previous choice, even. Wesker cursed under his breath. The line had been crossed. He pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it on the floor. “You don’t know what you’re asking for,” he said as he unbuttoned his pants, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Ada licked her lips in delight. “I know exactly what I’m asking for. Now shut up and come here.”

He had her pinned on the bed in moments. Hands reached beneath her to take off her bra. They just as quickly moved down to tug off her pants and underwear in one easy movement. He was eager, and she knew it. It had been almost two years since their last time together, and long overdue at that. Ada helped him remove his briefs and socks. She took a moment to truly admire her lover. Aside from a few new scars, Wesker seemed the same. She reached down to hold his member in her hands. Ada gently played with him, and Albert gave a quiet noise of approval.

He leaned down and began to kiss her neck. The trails were haphazard, and his constant moving forced her to let go of him. He only stopped long enough to place one of her arms above her head. He reached between her thighs with his free hand and deemed she was wet enough to begin. Albert nudged her thighs further apart and took his place at her entrance. “Don’t expect me to be gentle,” he told her.

Ada dug her nails into his arm. “Stop putting this off and just do it,” she ordered. A part of her almost regretted pushing him. The sensation of him entering her was a shock, and she gasped loudly. He only stopped long enough to see if he had hurt her. “Are you going to make it?” he purred, “Or do we have to call it quits?”

Ada narrowed her eyes. “I don’t remember you being quite so… big,” she replied. Wesker raised a brow in curiosity. “Is that so? I’ll have to make a better impression this time then.”

He had no qualms about burying himself inside of her. Ada quickly got over her initial shock to partake in the pleasure. It wasn’t long before she raised her hips to wrap her legs around him, bringing the two of them closer. Wesker savoured every moment. Above the sheets, under the sheets, on the floor, against the wall-- the two had lost track of time while exploring bodies. There were nips, bites, licks, and sucking-- anything in order to get a taste of the other.

When they weren’t in the throes of passion, he was holding her. Ada could feel him caress and brush her hair with his fingers. He seemed to enjoy playing with the smooth, raven strands. Ada slightly turned her head to look up at him. Albert was spooning her on the floor, the couple wrapped up in the comforter from the bed. He glanced down at her, knowing she had something to say. “Yes, dear heart?”

Ada bit her lip. It felt a little swollen from his kisses. “I didn’t blow up the mansion you know.” She could see his features turn dark and worrisome. Ada turned around completely so she could face him. She placed her hands on his chest to keep him from moving. “I know you probably don’t believe me… But I need you to, Albert. I need you to trust me on this one. I swear to you, that was not me, but, it did have everything to do with me. That day… I had gotten a call-- a warning-- to get out. What you think happened was not me trying to escape from my actions… I was trying to look for you! I thought if whoever it was found out that we knew, then we were both dead. I wasn’t sneaking away.”

Wesker was quiet for a long time. His initial reaction was to go cold. All of this time he thought she had betrayed him, and now it was the complete opposite? He didn’t want to snap, but he needed more answers. “Who called to warn you? You must realize how suspicious that makes everything sound. You may have been a highly sought after woman, but surely not that many people have your number?”

Ada averted her eyes. “I’d really rather not say, if you don’t mind. But you believe me though?”

“Not until you tell me,” he frowned.

Ada looked back up at him and sighed. “It was Leon. He had been notified of Chris’ raid and tried to warn me to get out. There were bombs planted as a safety precaution to help take you down. The team wasn’t aware that I there, and for Leon it was a lucky guess. I don’t know how he got my number-- I’m sure someone in the agency helped him. He tried to call it off, but it was too late. I guess someone triggered the bombs too soon, and you and I were caught in separate areas of the blast.”

Wesker listened to every word with intent. Even though he shouldn’t just take her word on the matter, what choice did he have anymore? That past innocence still seemed to be within her-- at least when she was trying to be honest. He always knew when she was lying, yet he could never prove it. It had just been a feeling that he would get. The feeling wasn’t there now. He nodded his head slowly and sighed. “It’s in the past. You were nothing but trouble, but damn good at the jobs I gave you. Having you around was like a catch-22, and it still is. Why don’t we focus on something else for a change?” Ada could feel his fingertips trail down her back before gripping her thigh. He was ready to go again? She gave him a worried look and shook her head.

“Albert I love you but--”

Their eyes locked. Ada wasn’t sure what was worse: the fact the “L” word slipped from her mouth or she was refusing a round of sex.

“Oh you naughty girl. You’ll have to be punished for that…”

He had disappeared under the comforter. Before she could protest, she could feel his warm breath by her thighs and his tongue on her clit. If this was to be her punishment, then so be it.
Right in Front of Me- Chapter 11
Hey Everyone! Here's the next chapter for you all! I hope you enjoy! This story will most likely be completed at chapter 15, so I hope you're all ready for that. On the plus side, I have another story in the works for you all! Same as always, I don't own the characters or anything!
Hey everyone! Now I know that I'm not done with the "Right in Front of Me" fanfic, but I think I have a pretty cool idea for another story which I will start writing/ post soon. Be on the lookout for some alternate dimensional fun!
Wesker sat in his office staring at the papers in front of him. He was having a hard time focussing today, and it bothered him to no end. Ada’s comment from a few weeks ago unsettled him in the oddest way. He considered their night in France a special one. Having dealt with several obstacles which had put them behind during their mission and still making it out alive was a feat in itself. If it wasn’t for Ada’s quick thinking and his powers, he was sure that she would be dead. That’s the thing about her though… he thought to himself, Always ready to come out on top regardless of circumstance. While her abilities were of no threat to his own, Ada was not a force to be reckoned with. He briefly remembered the state of his home and how she had the gall to destroy such a place.

How often had he brought her there to get away for a weekend? Granted, even when he tried to get away he couldn’t stop working. The next step in his plans were always coming to fruition. Slowing down would get him nowhere. Not to mention the fact that Ada also had the ability to slow him down. While he would never admit it to anyone else, she was a huge liability in terms of his plans. He was convinced that she was a traitor, yet the newer, softer her made him want to forget that. He didn’t want to think that the woman he would allow into his new world would have turned against him so harshly.

Wesker gathered the papers up off his desk and slipped them back into a manilla folder. He opened up the bottom drawer of his desk and placed them into an organizer that he would bring back out later. He wouldn’t bother with them now. It could wait. There were other matters that he had to attend to before he could turn his attention back to finding Spencer. Albert smoothed his hair down before standing up. He tucked his cell phone into his pocket and headed for the door. He made his way down to her living quarters. He guessed she was reading again. She often did that after going to the gym in the morning.

Wesker had to be honest with himself. Ada’s memories were returning at a slow rate, however, many of them happened to include him. The memory of their night in France was not the only erotic thing to return to her. What he had considered as more insignificant times had the uncanny ability to disturb her from her sleep, leaving her in an awkward state the following day. It took a toll on his senses. Her arousal burned him, and he wouldn’t have it anymore. He entered Ada’s apartment with the full intention of ending his insanity. Instead, he found the room empty. All of the rooms, in fact, were empty. It wasn’t uncommon for her to sneak out for a stroll, but this situation felt different.

Albert stepped back into the main hall. Just as he was about to make a few phone calls, he was approached by two guards. “Sir! We’ve been looking for you! Chief said that you ordered Miss Wong be taken to the Underground and then for us to report directly to you. What do you need?”

Wesker slowly began to dial the Chief’s number. “To the Underground? The same Underground that is used for testing only? Do you have any idea why I would authorize such a thing?”

“Um… It was said that you were going to put Miss Wong through some of the experimental training. Something about new subjects and her combat skills giving us some good data?” one soldier responded. Wesker crushed his phone in his hand. Someone had authorized this in his name? He’d kill them once he found out who it was. The Underground was filled with some of the nastiest experiments imaginable. Everything from Beta Lickers to crimson heads were down there. He asked which level they brought her to. “C4, sir. Last I heard they were testing out a new variation of virus that makes zombies. Sir… Are you going to make Miss Wong a zombie?”

Wesker clenched his jaw. “Listen here, you imbeciles. You are going to report to Chief. You’re going to inform him that I never authorized Miss Wong’s placement, and that he better hope that she’s alive when I get there. Before you ask why, bear in mind that one of you two might just become the next ‘Chief’.”

The soldiers gulped before watching their superior disappear. There was a strong possibility that they helped bring Miss Wong to her death. If the boss didn’t get to her in time, they were betting off quitting and running away before he got back.

He took the stairs as often as he could. Wesker would jump over the railing and fall through the floors just to make up for any lost time. Once he reached the Underground sector, he was forced to take an elevator. It would be far quicker than trying to run through the halls to the far-spread stair cases. For a moment, he thought about climbing to the top of the elevator and jumping down the rest of the way, but he didn’t want to injure himself either. Who knew what Ada was having to go through at that very moment? She could be fighting for her life, and he would be no good to damaged.


Ada was dirty and shaking. Why had they brought her here? More importantly, why did Wesker order it? Her hands fumbled with the gun she held. The room she was in was so large, it felt like an actual street in a town. There were fake stores and homes on either side of her. They appeared so real, but everything was painted on. There were trees, shrubbery, and even a few parked cars around her too. Those creatures could spawn at any moment. Ada wasn’t sure if she could handle pulling the trigger again, regardless of her muscle memory. Before she could collect her thoughts any further, she heard that pitiful moaning again. She spun around, wondering where the creature was. Ada remembered the doctor’s orders quite clearly:  Don’t get bit or scratched unless you want to end up like one of them.

She didn’t want to be a monster. She didn’t even want to be in the room. Ada stood frozen in the room, waiting for something to happen. She heard more moaning to her right, and then her left. She checked both sides and she felt her heart enter her throat. There were a handful of zombies on either side of her. Where had they come from?! She tried to take aim and shoot, but she could never kill them. She kept telling herself she had to aim for their head, but it felt impossible with the amount of terror she felt. As the pressure began to build and she slowly became surrounded, and was met with a deafening ring in her ears. Each shot she fired caused her to see hallucinations. One moment she was surrounded by zombies, the next there were only a few. Some of them wore dirty RPD uniforms, which she found odd. None of them had been dressed like that before.

She shook her head and tried to come back to reality. Now was not the time to get her memories back. She needed to focus on survival! Ada pushed past a few of the zombies so she would not be trapped in the circle. She took her aim again and began picking off the monsters one by one. With each shot, she was thrust into a different memory.

It is imperative that you get on that chopper, Miss Wong. It will be the last one out of Raccoon.
Ada, Wait!
You promised me you would be safe, Albert. Look at the burn that Alexia gave you! You’ll be walking around with that on your face for weeks!
I hope you haven’t lost sight of your true mission, Ada. Wesker is not someone the world needs. He’s a threat to everyone-- even you.
Ada the charges have been set. Get out of there!

When the last one dropped, Ada fell to her knees in pain. Her head felt as though it was going to split open. She slowly looked up and everything appeared different. She stood and leaned against a nearby wall. The action suddenly reminded her when she was bandage and wounded in Raccoon-- she was trying to escape before the whole city was blown. She took a step forward. The sounds of the heels that she wasn’t wearing echoed in her mind. Her right side burned and ached. From the tyrant… she thought to herself, Bastard...

The room seemed to spin and now she was standing in front of a window. Wesker was talking about something nearby. All she could think about was how she managed to get out with the G Virus. How her work was really going to make a difference once Albert could find a good use for it. Her mind also drifted towards Leon. Such a young, naive man. She felt as if he practically loved her, yet he barely knew her. Depending on how things went with Wesker, the Tyrant wouldn’t be pleased to hear it. Ada stopped walking and rubbed her eyes. She was emotionally exhausted. When were they going to let her out of there?

Wesker had been watching her through the one-way glass. The entrance to the testing room had been tampered with. He couldn’t just enter in his code and go in. Instead, he had been typing in override commands for what felt like eternity. Whoever had done this had been able to get deep into their system. They knew just what firewalls to work around to make things more difficult. Next to him stood two elite agents that Chief had sent to meet Wesker. The testing room would continue to release experiments until Wesker could forcefully shut the program down. Clever bastards… They knew just what they were doing… he thought to himself.

He quickly glanced up again and saw Ada was walking around the room. She kept holding her side as if she was hurt, but he couldn’t see anything wrong. He knew it was the side where her scar was, but he couldn’t think of a reason why it would pain her. Wesker was almost done when he saw the next level of testing appear on a second monitor. He needed to get done faster. There was no way she could survive what was to come. Wesker signaled for the two men to get ready. The second monitor was flashing red, and tone went off in the training room.

Ada looked up at the sound of the tone. What did that mean? Were the doors unlocking so she could get out? Ada glanced around the room. Nothing was changing. The door she had used to get in wasn’t opening. “Round two? Alright…” she sighed. Ada ejected the clip from her handgun and checked the rounds. She had four shots left. She hoped that would be enough. Some of the lights in the room began to flash red. At the opposite end of the room, the wall began to raised up. It revealed a set of bars similar to that of a cage. Ada didn’t take her eyes off of it. She heard a weird growling noise come from the cage. Suddenly, the bars retracted into the floor, giving whatever creature was there the means to get out. Ada backed up slowly, waiting.

She was amazed at how quickly it moved. The pink, meaty creature on all fours skirted around the room. It had no issues climbing on any surface. What fascinated her the most was its long, pink tongue and lack of eyes. It was quite large. Ada compared it to the size of a man. She wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been one once.

Wesker cursed under his breath as he watched the licker leave its cage. Ada seemed to be holding her ground for the moment, which he considered a good thing. Albert punched in the last few codes necessary to override the system. The door into the training room unlocked, and the two soldiers rushed into the room. Ada turned to look at the men, distracted by their entrance. Were they here to help her? Wesker saw the Licker jump over Ada and head towards the two men. He jumped from his seat and bolted towards the door. He had an extreme lack of faith in the men's’ abilities. It was a good thing he had decided to move, too, because in a matter of seconds one of the men was being ripped to shreds.

The other man was shooting at the licker and yelling. He had gotten quite a few rounds into it before it had suddenly pounced on him as well. Wesker huffed in annoyance as he barged into the room. Surely two very capable soldiers with experience with bioweapons should have been able to put down a simple licker? Wesker put his fingers in his mouth and whistled at the creature. The licker lifted its head and screeched before taking off towards the tyrant.

Ada watched the creature easily take down the two soldiers in awe. It hadn’t even flinched when one soldier unloaded his gun into it. It’s the skin… she thought to herself, He needed to shoot it in the head… where those brains are. She then turned her attention to Wesker. When had he gotten there? Her heart dropped when she witnessed him drawing the creature’s attention. What did he think he was doing? Did he not just witness those two men get mauled to death by that thing? The licker bolted across the room. At one point it had jumped up to the ceiling and ran across it before pouncing at Wesker. Ada ran towards them in a hurry. She had never seen Albert kill anything other than people. Was he capable of handling this on his own?

Wesker had grabbed the licker by the throat and was squeezing it. The monster screeched in pain, flailing its tongue about in an attempt to hurt its attacker. Wesker squeezed harder before shoving his free hand into the Lickers mouth. He made a fist and pushed it up through its head. Brain matter, blood, and other unidentifiable liquid came gushing out of the exit point. In moments, the licker gave one last final cry and shudder before going limp. Wesker casually dumped the body onto the ground before wiping his hands on his pants. He seemed to detest having the liquid all over him, but it was a necessary sacrifice. When Ada finally reached his side, he felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. She went to say something, but he cut her off.

Her handgun fell to the floor as he pulled her close to him. In a single, easy motion, he had her body pressed against him and his lips pressed against hers. The kiss was long. Ada felt more emotion in that kiss than she had seen out of Wesker in the months they had been together. Fear, frustration, anger, relief-- it all started to become overwhelming. When he finally pulled back, Albert rested his forehead against hers. “Miss Wong, I must seriously advise you against going off with people that wish to do you harm…” he murmured, “Now, let us go get you cleaned up.”
Right in Front of Me- Chapter 10
Hey everyone! Here is the chapter I know you all have been waiting for! I don't plan these chapters out, unfortunately. Often times I start writing a scene, scrap it, rewrite it, scrap it, come up with something new, scrap it, etc. That can definitely make it hard to crank out chapters since I can never seem to make my mind up. Let me know what you think. Be prepared for a little confrontation and a 'mature' chapter next time around. <3


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